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Microfinance Programme


RCDS provides “booster shots” and financing that enable small businesses to expand. Under microfinance program, RCDS is also providing important skills and entrepreneurship training and support to ensure that the financed businesses succeed at the community level. An amount of 05.5 Billion PKR has been disbursed in the loan book with close to 300K loans services benefitting half a million household under this programme which continues the scaling and extension to the unbanked, underbanked and untapped communities with aspiration to convert into financial subscribers and beneficiaries.  


Case Study



RCDS provides its clients a package of financial and non-financial products and services at their doorstep, thus making their access easier to sources of finance.


 ·        To provide services in a professional, personal and competitive manner

·        To provide the access to community cost effective an efficient financial services

·        To provide a climate in which RCDS borrowers can achieve outstanding performance and personal economic growth.

·        To support both social and economic advancement of our community

·        To continue the emphasis of the RCDS strength through growth of capital

·        All of which shall be supported by a program of excellence in products and services while maintaining high standards of ethics and integrity

·        Products & Services will be clients driven and blend of innovation and capacity building services.