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Community Physical Infrastructure!

Infrastructure development through participation and contribution not only ensures the economic revival but also guarantees the project sustainability. The role of community organizations, in infrastructure development strengthens the saga of sustainable success. The integration & augmentation, consolidation & coupling and deepening and saturation bring long lasting impacts on the lives of the rustics striving for better social and economic life. The diversification in projects types, through the need assessment and development of detailed village plan. It identifies, prioritize, implements project with the prior consultation of the communities for whom the project is being designed. That is why the community organizations not only own the projects but also the instinct of mutual understanding and sacrificing passion polishes in them. They too carry out the maintenance operation for the sustainability of the projects. The main and mega object of RCDS is to bring change in social and moral attitudes of the people, to foster and build capacities of the community based organization to such an extent that they may solve their local issues utilizing local available resources. In this regard, the CPI is used as a tool. Hence the improved and enhanced infrastructure contributes a lot towards the development of the area by raising the agriculture products and providing sanitation system that ultimately lead to the better life style.

A Glance at the Decade's Partnership with PPAF

The partnership of RCDS with PPAF in infrastructure rests more than a decade. Through Productive Infrastructure program 632 projects have been completed with the major focus on irrigation projects. The CPI projects includes the watercourse lining, Sanitation & Drainage, Culverts & Bridges, Safe Drinking Water Schemes, Solar energy and Bio-gas plants, Drip and Sprinkler irrigation, tube well installation, Flood Protection Bund, Rain Water Channel, Link Roads (Linking the villages to markets and towns/cities). The total infrastructure projects have benefitted 23,268 households with an estimated population of 162,414 persons including men, women and children. Following is the decade detail

Productive Physical Infrastructure Program

In South Punjab Layyah, RCDS PPAF Partnership for Integrated Development Program started in July, 2012. One of the components was CPI. The current program for CPI has been implemented in 35 revenue villages, one hundred settlements in two union council (Aulakh Thal Kalan & Khairay Wala), tehsil Chaubara and district Layyah. Tehsil Chaubara ranks at the top as per poverty ranking in the Punjab. Three Phases have been completed as yet (Phase 12, 13 & 14). The major chunk of the CPI phases in Layyah goes to the irrigation projects as the, the quick economic return is linked to the irrigation projects, these projects are well maintained and have multi dimensional positive and long lasting impacts in agriculture sector ultimately contributing to the national economy.