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Community Physical Infrastructure!

Infrastructure development through community participation and contribution not only ensures the economic revival but also guarantees the project sustainability. The role of community organizations in infrastructure development strengthens the saga of sustainable success. The integration & augmentation, consolidation & coupling and deepening and saturation bring long lasting impacts on the lives of the communities striving for better social and economic life. The diversification in projects is ensured through the need assessment and development of detailed village plan. It identifies, prioritizes and implements project with the prior consultation of the communities for whom the project is being designed. That is why the community organizations not only owns the projects but also the inculcates mutual understanding and sacrificing passion among them.

The communities carry out maintenance operation for the sustainability of the projects. The main object of RCDS is to bring change in social and societal attitudes of communities to foster and build their capacities to such an extent that they may solve their local issues utilizing local available resources. In this regard, CPI is used as one of the major tools. Hence the improved and enhanced infrastructure contributes a lot towards the development of the area by raising the agriculture products and providing sanitation system that ultimately lead to the better lifestyle. The interventions have leaded to extension of services to 23,268 households and 162,414 beneficiaries in this program. The physical infrastructure developed ranged to provide irrigation facilities for 33,710 acres with the length of watercourse spanning to 672,227 RFT. The length of soling and tuff paver amounted to 672,227 square feet whereas the total sewerage and drain length constructed was 119,509 RFT. Saim Nala (Earthen Rain Chanel) constructed was 14,500 feet along with land leveling performed onto 1842 acres stand as another limelight of the program under different projects. 43 water pumps and 03 solar pumps have been installed whereas 08 drip irrigation and 150acre sprinkler systems have been installed through systematic process engineering. The renewable extension further headed 76 biogas systems installation, 07 bridge culverts in the community development process. Last but not the least 6200 flood protection bund has been protruded by RCDS for mitigating the adversity of the flood natural disaster in the interventions performed.