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Partners & Affiliates

The SEEP Network is a global network of international practitioner organizations dedicated to combating poverty through promoting inclusive markets and financial systems. SEEP represents the largest and most diverse network of its kind, comprised of international development organizations and global, regional, and country-level practitioner networks that promote market development and financial inclusion. Members are active in 170 countries and reach nearly 90 million households.

The Microcredit Summit Campaign brings together microfinance practitioners, advocates, educational institutions, donor agencies, international financial institutions, non-governmental organizations and others involved with microfinance to promote best practices in the field, to stimulate the interchanging of knowledge and to work towards reaching our goals.

The Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) was conceived by like-minded HRD professionals in 1999 and became functional in March 2000, it has grown steadily and quite efficiently over the years. It originated as a Network of professionals and a platform where they could share ideas and newer concepts in the field of development emerging around the globe and then acclimatize and practice them at national/regional level. The idea was also to set up a network that should work as a bridge between individual development professionals and organizations.he process of “Networking for Sharing of Training Resources" started in January 1997 when Human Resource Development Section of The National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) initiated. The purpose of taking this initiative was bringing together various organizations involved in training and development of professionals and communities for sustainable development especially in non-profit sector. This process was started by organizing the first workshop on “Networking for Sharing of Training Resources" and was attended by different professionals from not for profit organizations. The issue of human resource development was discussed in detail and the workshop ended with a resolution to continue this sound effort.

PMFN is a regional microfinance network working to enhance financial inclusion among low-income population in Punjab. PMFN was formally established 23 December 2004 by five NGO -MFIs to present a united front to the huge task of facilitating poverty alleviation. PMFN formally registered under the Society Registration Act 1860. These organizations are involved in the provision of microfinance services to low income individuals in Punjab. Through the PMFN members share ideas, experiences, and innovative solutions to the challenges they face in search of continuous growth and progress. PMFN members share the common belief that an MFI can serve more clients by establishing a sustainable and profitable institution. PMFN members also believe that an MFI can achieve both financial and social goals by establishing innovative business models. PMFN improve knowledge, business atmosphere and the flow of capital for the microfinance industry.