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Farmers Enterprises Development Program

Basic objective of Farmers Enterprise Development Groups is to improve broad-based economic growth, create employment opportunities and contribute to poverty alleviation through increase in competitiveness of horticulture and livestock value chains. It also ensures availability of a conducive environment in which farmers, farmer groups and entrepreneurs develop the skills, know-how, expertise and market understanding required by a fast changing economic environment. RCDS has been working for rural development in the most neglected and deprived rural areas of Punjab and has implemented different need based projects like social mobilization, infrastructure and microfinance in partnership with Pakistan Poverty alleviation Fund (PPAF).

RCDS developed strategy for the need based project for the area and conducted detailed research study for this purpose. This research study showed a number of problems being faced by the people of the area. Keeping in view the findings, RCDS started CPI projects in the areas. These schemes were purely for farmers. Due to the unpaved watercourse lining most of the water was wasted and maximum land surrounding these watercourses spoiled the crops. What RCDS observed during projects implementation that the farmers were totally unaware of the concept of land leveling because due to the uneven and unbalance land watering time was too much increased. RCDS experts identified the problems of land leveling and shared with farmers. Then RCDS wrote to PPAF to grant funding for this project.. RCDS has been working with small land holding farmers who have limited resources and in many cases most of them take loan from middle man who gets the crops of these famers at low prices. In this way these small farmers have done lot of labor and expenses. But these farmers were never in a position to bargain about the prices of their crops because they are bound to sell their corps to these agents. A total number of 6260 farmers have been trained in form of 419 FEGs receiving productive training for management, enterprise development, technical, account management, livestock, horticulture, hygienic milk handling, marketing, livestock extension, floriculture, goat and poultry farming, milk bye products and guava juice processing in phase 02, 02, 03 and 04 of the FEDP program.

Farmers Capacity Building

Farmers' capacity building was the one of prime objective throughout the phases. Most of the famers are illiterate and doing farming without skilful knowledge so, this is the main reason of low production in the field of agriculture. During the FEG's formation phase need was identified regarding the required capacity building program for Farmers. Identified trainings details are given below;

  1. Farmer Enterprise Group Management Skill Training
  2. Enterprises Development Training
  3. Technical Training
  4. Accounts and Fund Management Training
  5. Farmers Field Schools for Livestock Management
  6. Chilling Unit Operation Techniques/or Horticulture Trainings
  7. Hygienic Milk Handing Techniques/Horticulture Extension
  8. Silage Making and Urea Treatment Techniques/Picking, Sorting, Grading Packing
  9. Community Based Livestock Extension Worker Training/Marketing Specialist