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Surriya's Story of Success

Suriya Bibi living in Muniyan wala near Mandi Faizabad, is a poor illiterate but committed woman who had no source of income before taking loan from RCDS. She was living in the premises of a local philanthropist with her three sons and three daughters and was forced to live a miserable life.

Her abnormal husband had left home some years before leaving her alone to face the challenges of life. When her husband left home, lack of resources did not allow her to admit children in the school. She worked in field to earn some money so that she could fulfill the basic requirements of life. To her fortunate Suriya Bibi met with RCDS team during their survey of village Muniyan wala. She joined the group of 5 women and applied for loan on basis of social collateral as she has no assets to serve as physical collateral. Suriya Bibi got the loan of Rs. 10,000 from RCDS. Before leaving home, her husband took one acre land on lease and Suriya Bibi used Rs. 10,000 to purchase Agri. inputs for the land. Suriya Bibi also had one buffalo. She repaid the amount of installment through the amount that she was earning by selling the buffalo milk.

She successfully paid all the installments of her first loan cycle through selling the buffalo milk and saved income from land. Then she took another loan of Rs. 20,000 for again purchasing the Agri. inputs for the land and the then third loan cycle of Rs. 40,000. She successfully paid all the installments of her loans. During her third loan cycle, her son got married. She availed Rs. 80,000 loan in 4th cycle through livestock financing under MIOP and purchased another buffalo of high genetic breed. She has paid 22 installments of current loan cycle. She sells 15 kg milk to LADDO and earning more than Rs. 600 on daily basis.

During this period with RCDS, Suriya Bibi also constructed her own house. She purchased 2 new cows and 2 goats by selling milk and saved income from agriculture. Now the current situation is that she has 2 cows, 1 buffalo, 2 baby buffalo, 2 goats and 2 baby goats. RCDS gave her training on "Livestock Management" as well as on record keeping so that she can manage the record and can handle her livestock properly. Now she wants to increase her livestock in near future by earning through the sale of buffalo milk. Her children go to school and also help her mother in the fields for managing the livestock. All the people of her village respect her. Due to training provided by RCDS, her ability to handle the problems, her knowledge and skills have been increased. Her socio-economic life has become strengthen and she is living a better quality of life.

Suriya Bibi