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Environment & Natural Resources

Environmental issues are weightily considered as the apex significant and eminent factor affecting the complexion of the earth in the current-scenario. Its adverse and infectious results are leading to drastic and dramatic changes on the weather and the social life of the people. The drastic environmental change will affect all type of communities, but have a disproportionate impact on millions of poor rural people. Climate change is a challenging factor for everyone working in development. The results of these changes will be hunger, less scopes of businesses and makes it more difficult to reduce the proportion of people living in extreme poverty. In order to combat the environmental problems and issues, RCDS has established separate unit named "Environmental & Social Manage Unit" in guidance of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund and World Bank.

The Environment and Social management Framework (ESMF) also has been developed and provided by the PPAF and World Bank. This framework contains on environmental and social assessment procedures to assess the environmental and social effects of developmental interventions. These assessment procedures are designed with a view to obviate interventions with significant negative environmental and social impacts. ESMF provides guidelines and technical and legal instruments to minimize potential negative impacts by incorporating mitigations at the design stage, and subsequently implementing them at the implementation stage of the interventions.

In this regard, RCDS is keen implement the Environmental and Social Management Framework procedures and sensitizing marginalized communities of target area through primary health and hygiene campaigns, ODF, Wash Hand days, health camps, Water diseases. As for as Microcredit clients concern, RCDS educating the clients through focused fortnightly meetings on Environmental and Social Management in light of their enterprises and businesses. RCDS is building the capacity of their staff as well as Community organizations, Village Organizations and Local support Organization at UC level on Environmental and social management and has number community members and staff has obtained significant trainings, workshops and orientations on ESM. Following key steps has been taken to streamline the work of RCDS with accordance to Environmental and Social Management Framework.

  • One personnel from PMER department nominated as Focal Person on ESM by RCDS
  • Number of trainings on ESM has been provided to Focal person to build his capacity.
  • ESM annual work plan fainlized at organizational level.
  • No. of Environmental and Social Audits carried out by RCDS and PPAF
  • Several orientations, workshops, trainings, conducted by Focal person for all program/projects staff as well as for communities, Microfinance programs clients, and ingrated proejects benficiries.
  • Introdcutroy session on ESM also conducted for BOD and management of RCDS
  • ESM top focused by RCDS whole team and project staff as all environmental and Social forms in being in practice for all type of interventions in RCDS as per ESMF.