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Social Development-Social Mobilization

Social mobilization is the focal point of any intervention by RCDS followed by the different development interventions and initiatives including soft and hard components for the delivery of projects through coordination and networking along with emphasis on the gender development and good governance. The goal of social mobilization program is to create awareness among target communities so that they could contribute towards the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The organizational success depends on many factors including an enduring mobilization structure, strong leadership competent, strategic communication and capability development at all levels. RCDS facilitates participatory community development at the grass root level in different rural areas of the Punjab. It strives to provide customized trainings and conduct workshops, seminars dialogues and awareness raising sessions based on their perceived needs and necessities in Village Development Plan(VDP). RCDS has ably implemented social mobilization project in various districts of the Punjab province. These COs, VOs and LSOs took following initiatives;

  • Health camps
  • Earthen passages
  • Community schools establishment
  • CNICs of community members through Nadra Mobile Van
  • Voters registration
  • Safe drinking water schemes through civil society organizations
  • Street pavement and sewerage schemes
  • Sessions on mother &child health
  • Basic rights awareness sessions
  • Sessions on birth registration
In essence, a total of 195 Cos, 20 VOs and 04 LSOs have been formed having a numbers of 234 and 17 accounts opened respectively for depositing their savings. These clusters have collectively saved an impressive amount of PKR 703,680 in their accounts.