Vocational Skills

Pakistan is predominantly a patriarchal society. Social and cultural restrictions limit women's chance to compete for resources. Women face difficulties in acquiring skills and employment in the market. Setting their own business is not an easy task for Pakistani women. This situation has let the women in subordinate position. However, the nature and degree of women's subordination vary across classes, regions and rural/urban divide. Manpower is relatively stronger in the rural areas where local customs establish male authority over women's life. On the other hand women belonging to the rich and upper middle class have increasingly greater access to education and other opportunities and can assume greater control over the opportunities. The representation of women at all the levels of national, provincial and local Government setups is 33%. However, the prevalent perception is that the women have failed to play their expected role. Women representatives have played a least role to influence the policy, planning and resource allocation with consideration to gender issues.

This is the reason women are facing;

  1. Lack of proper education and training.
  2. Lack of opportunities for vocational training.
  3. Cultural and traditional limitation.
  4. Lack of interest towards collective social benefits.
  5. Lack of awareness among regarding their rights.Lack of opportunities for skill development.
  6. Gender discrimination.
Keeping in view the abovementioned situation, RCDS started mobilization campaign and conducted baseline study in two union councils of District Sheikhupura. After the baseline findings RCDS decided to start vocational training program of widows and orphan girls through the establishment of vocational center in collaboration with Sanat Zaar management and representatives of local government. RCDS has been working with vocational skill center in the District Sheikhupura with aim to train the orphan girls and widows since 2009 and up till now five batches of 125 women and girls have completed their training course and received certificates. RCDS has also signed an agreement with Akhuwat to [provide interest free loan these graduated students to run their business independently. So far, five women have started tailoring business through this facility. RCDS has also established a vocational training institute in Mandi Faizabad, district Nankana Sahib where women have started enrolling themselves to equip themselves with special traits to earn their living.